This week we spoke to Lloyd Skinner, CEO of Greyfly, to hear how his AI risk assessment tool was getting on!

This week we spoke to Lloyd Skinner, CEO of Greyfly, to hear how his AI risk assessment tool was getting on!

ARTIMUS have helped a reputable business management company based in Bristol and have created a bespoke AI & Machine learning solution to assist with Business Risk Management Assessment requirements

The following is a Q&A between Toby, our CEO and Lloyd Skinner, the CEO and Founder of Greyfly.

Toby: Who are Greyfly?

Lloyd: At Greyfly our main services centre on providing advice in Business Planning, Project Management and Talent Development. It’s our mission to push clients for results-driven growth and ensure they “See the Wood from the Trees”, as it were. If you’re looking to grow your business or for your projects to succeed then we have the knowledge and experience to support you in achieving that goal.

Toby: What challenges were you facing before we started working together?
Lloyd: We wanted a simpler way for our clients, both present and future, to be able to identify and prioritise the risks within their business. Assessing each risk parameter individually can take time, and time is very valuable in business, as many owners will tell you.

Toby: Why did you choose to partner with ARTIMUS?

Lloyd: We pride ourselves on working with innovative companies, and ARTIMUS hit all the right notes in that regard. They understood our requirements and were able to effectively communicate how the solution will work and the predicted outcomes.

Toby: How have you benefited from us?

Lloyd: We’ve been able to provide a fast free-to-use business assessment solution that instantly highlights the risks a business should be focusing on and what risks they are dealing with well. This has helped not only us but our clients and those using the tool via our website.

Toby: Are you happy with our services?

Lloyd: We are very happy with the result. The quality of work is to a very high standard and we can’t wait to continue working with ARTIMUS in developing phase two of the business risk assessment tool.

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