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“We specialise in AI implementation, offering AI services and guidance to help organisations adopt or enhance AI, prioritise governance and security, and prepare their workforce for a successful AI journey.”

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AI Services Consultant, Toby White

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We are AI services consultants living to innovate

“Artimus is a boutique AI services consultant firm focused on delivering value through the strategic development and deployment of technology across industries. Solving complex, real-world problems is in Artimus’ DNA. With a wealth of experience running startups and technology teams, we provide solutions that are designed to help clients meet strategic and technological goals.”

Toby White, CEO & Founder

AI Consulting Services

What we do


End To End Artificial Intelligence Strategies

Artimus is one of the UK’s leading artificial intelligence consulting companies. We can provide strategic reviews at a high level, producing actionable insights and business priorities, detailed project plans, and either leading, or supporting the design, development, and deployment of technological solutions to address a myriad of business challenges and opportunities.

Artimus helps businesses prepare for a successful AI journey, ensuring long-term success through effective workforce strategy, adoption, and change management.

Strategic Reviews

AI Solutions Consultant: Strategic Reviews

An initial review will be conducted and each potential action point will be categorised according to their impact on the business, and their risk profile. This will form the basis for the business priorities to be addressed. Artimus will then devise a specific strategy for each action point, which will form part of an overall strategic plan, considering business priorities, budgets, and the current operating environment. This strategy will include tailored AI solutions to ensure optimal outcomes.

Project Consultations

Project AI Consultation

Artimus develops project plans to help clients understand specific problems and identify solutions. This collaborative process involves a review of the problem, how it is impacting the business, and what the optimal resolution would be. From this foundation, the team will define a detailed project plan that encompasses the full problem scope.

The project plan provides a full overview of the work that needs to be conducted to fulfil the original brief. By delivering a full view of the timelines, budget, and resources required, along with a full set of technical requirements, Artimus equips its clients with everything they need to move forward with tackling their most pressing business challenges.


AI Consulting Business Development

Where Artimus stands above the rest is in its ability to support businesses in fulfilling their strategic plan by designing and implementing the technical solutions that meet their future vision.

The use of AI tools in designing and implementing technical solutions further enhances Artimus's capability to deliver cutting-edge services.

The Artimus team are technologists at their core, providing a full range of technology solutions across industries. With in-house expertise across a broad range of sectors, the team can deliver on a vast array of projects of varying scopes. Utilising an agile approach to development, Artimus pulls in resources on an as-needed basis, to ensure cost efficiency and timely project delivery.

Infrastructure Consulting

Infrastructure AI And Consulting

Artimus provides technical infrastructure consulting services, helping businesses design, test, and upgrade their existing technical infrastructures for security and scalability.

Our ultra-secure, provider-agnostic cloud infrastructures can be designed and built within a wide range of industries, turning existing infrastructure into autonomously assembled multi-cloud landscapes.

Fractional CTO Services

Fractional CTO Services

We provide fractional CTO advisory services, embedding experienced experts with our clients to provide strategic direction and advice to existing in-house teams.

How can we help you to scale your business?

The Welsh Government recently interviewed Toby White in our Cardiff office, and he explained how Artimus’s artificial intelligence consulting services are already assisting a wide variety of businesses and industries across the UK with AI automation services and digital transformation.

Delivering Change

Our artificial intelligence consulting services can help anyone in any sector

Once you take us on, your problems become our mission to find the most effective solution.

AI Strategy

Artimus helps businesses formulate their overall strategies and embed technology within their businesses to increase efficiency, grasp new opportunities, and solve existing challenges. This allows businesses to achieve their long-term strategic vision, while eliminating roadblocks and improving operations.

AI Development

Development can be a challenge for any business. Artimus utilises an agile approach with and as-needed resource model, simultaneously ensuring the correct expertise is within the project at the right time, while ensuring cost efficiency. By first understanding the business, Artimus is able to design the right solutions.

Hire An AI Consultant

Data scientists play a crucial role in working with advanced APIs to integrate AI content seamlessly into business processes, enabling companies to stay at the forefront of business competition with innovative AI technologies. Subject-matter experts can be assigned to specific projects, helping fill knowledge gaps and drive projects forward.

Artificial intelligence consulting services with Artimus

Identifying AI systems with our AI consulting services

  • Evaluate Problems Through Applied AI Consulting

    Artimus dives deep into your business to identify the full scale of the challenges and opportunities you are currently facing.

  • Create A Clearly Defined AI Systems Strategy

    Ensuring that any project has clearly defined parameters and measures for success is crucial to achieving cost and resource efficient results.

  • AI Implementation Project Plan

    Having a comprehensive project plan allows businesses to accurately estimate the overall cost and resource requirements of any given project.

  • Provide Actionable AI Solutions Project Mapping

    Full technical requirements allow a business to fully map out proposed solutions and ensure they are efficient and scalable. Implementing AI solutions with strategic planning and governance is crucial to ensure seamless integration into existing business processes and systems.

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What do people say about us?

Only one question remains…

Will your organisation lead the pack in joining the AI revolution, or will it follow the herd?

The best AI consulting companies provide the specialise expertise required to successfully incorporate AI technologies into business operations and processes. They have experience with the latest AI capabilities as well as an understanding of optimal integration strategies. Consulting partners accelerate innovation, mitigate risk, and maximise return by guiding AI adoption from assessment through execution and change management.

The key benefits include: identifying high-impact AI opportunities tailored to your business, developing an AI strategy aligned to commercial objectives, impartial guidance on the best AI solutions and vendors for your needs, faster deployment and user adoption due to change management guidance, risk reduction throughout implementation, and optimisation of AI solutions to deliver maximum continuing value. Our consulting pays for itself many times over through AI-driven revenue gains and cost savings.

The cost of an AI consultation varies depending on the scope of the project and the level of customisation required. Typical engagements range from $5,000-$15,000+ for an initial assessment and road-mapping. Ongoing retainers for continued strategic advising and implementation support are also available. We offer flexible pricing to meet different needs and budgets.

We can conduct an assessment to identify opportunities to apply AI for increased efficiency, whether it be through automating repetitive tasks via RPA, using computer vision on manufacturing lines, leveraging predictive algorithms to boost supply chain operations, or any number of other options tailored to your organisation. Our team will evaluate processes, determine where AI can drive the most productivity gains or cost savings, and work with you to successfully implement the AI solutions that yield the greatest business impact. We focus on tangible returns on AI investments.

Yes, we have worked with several governmental agencies on innovative AI initiative, such as the Welsh Government, where we have ongoing collaborations across a number of projects. We have proven expertise in bringing AI capabilities safely into public sector operations.


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