ARTIMUS Takes On Advisory Role In IZY Capital's Involvement in Accelerated Growth Programme

ARTIMUS takes on Advisory Role in IZY Capital’s Involvement in Accelerated Growth Programme

IZY Capital has appointed ARTIMUS as their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning advisors, due to their AI industry expertise.  After showcasing their portfolio and completing IZY Capital’s rigorous selection process, IZY Capital feels that ARTIMUS as one of Cardiff’s leading AI specialists will add value to their experienced advisory team.

Being heavily involved in the software industry, ARTIMUS showcases their prominence and experience in AI technologies and how they can successfully direct businesses to adopt AI solutions.


ARTIMUS have agreed to act as AI advisors, to continue IZY Capital’s success in providing advice and investment management via the AGP to Welsh businesses.  Toby White, Founder of ARTIMUS, released a statement in regard to his appointment as an AI advisor at IZY:

“Despite there being fierce competition, I am extremely grateful for being recognised as one of Cardiff’s most prominent AI companies.  I would like start-ups and businesses to be able to access mentoring and guidance easily and look forward to contributing towards business growth and employment within the Welsh community – which I believe is the most important aspect of IZY Capital’s involvement in the Accelerated Growth Programme.”


Innovation and the adoption of AI technologies led IZY to headhunt Mr Toby White. David Rees, Principal at IZY Capital said:

“Toby’s attachment to AI from such a young age has made him a very valuable asset in our board of advisory members.  ARTIMUS’ project portfolio was very impressive to say the least and I believe that Toby can inform, direct and advise start-ups and SMEs on how to adopt AI technologies and machine learning with our goal of contributing towards Welsh business growth.”


About IZY Capital

AGP is now easily accessible to all SMEs and entrepreneurs throughout Wales. IZY Capital provides mentoring and coaching from carefully selected industry experts, ease of access to professional advisory services and an investor network. IZY’s wealth of experience and client management is unmatched based on their previous achievements, client base and track record. To see how IZY Capital can assist you in achieving unrivalled growth, contact them with some information about your business.
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ARTIMUS are a Bespoke software solutions company based in the South West region of the UK.  They specialise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and pride themselves on being able to provide the best, highest quality development and project management services that you can find on the market.

Their mission statement is to “Focus on innovation: we want to create unique, outstanding technologies that will help us get one step closer to the simplest future possible. We are fully committed to bringing in artificial intelligence and multi-use solutions that work for companies all over the globe.”

To see how ARTIMUS can assist you with any of these services please contact us on +44 7826 852 610 or via email at

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