How is Artificial Intelligence revolutionising the Medical Landscape?

How is Artificial Intelligence revolutionising the Medical Landscape?

AI is improving our healthcare and quality of life by giving us the opportunity to create highly-specialised personalised medicine like never before and aid in the research and prevention of diseases.

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Imagine contracting an illness and yet being able to receive an accurate diagnosis alongside a recommended treatment plan in just 10 minutes with minimal consultation times between patients. Sounds like something that can be done in the future, right? Well, this is actually happening right now with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has the ability to learn from every single bit of data it is exposed to and rapidly re-evaluate its analysis as more and more data is compiled. This grants doctors and researchers with the ability and possibility to accurately identifier misnomers, subsequently, providing us with better solutions to our health problems.


So, how exactly is AI contributing to the prevention of Illness?

Artificial Intelligence is not just limited to analysing traditional data from spreadsheets – as is commonly perceived. AI has the function of interpreting and aggregating imaging, text, handwritten notes, speech, test results, sensory data and even cross-reference and analyse large amounts of demographic and geo-spatial data. Through this, AI is able to identify commonalities and produce insights which were previously impossible with data silos or the extent of time needed for humans to individually examine large datasets.

With the ability to simultaneously cross-examine and analyse, AI is able to consider what could have been described as seemingly unrelated external factors which doctors and researchers may not consider as relevant at the time. For example, environmental factors such as humidity, pollution, elevation, agriculture and proximity to certain dense mineral deposits (such as: AI in the medical research sector has identified that continuous exposure to erionite found in gravel in some parts of the world increases the risk of contracting mesothelioma). This ability to rapidly analyse data and potential correlations have allowed us to create a data-driven comprehensive and holistic insight into a person’s health along with all their factors considered.


How is Artificial Intelligence being used today in the medical industry to anticipate and contribute to future prevention?

Organisations such as the Institute of Cancer Research in London and The National Cancer Institute in the USA are developing Artificial Intelligence frameworks which aim to enhance and contribute to exponential growth within cancer research. With the help of these intelligent frameworks implemented in their research, AI leverages, studies and extracts millions of patient records autonomously and simultaneously on a constant basis with the goal of understanding how cancer spreads and reoccurs – a prime example of AI being used to analyse large amounts of data within the medical sector which allows doctors to draw quick conclusions.


A study found in the Neurobiology of Ageing concluded that with the help of AI, intelligent software could be able to detect signs of Alzheimer’s in patient’s brain scans before doctors. Currently, AI frameworks are being used to analyse scans of healthy brains alongside brains diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so that intelligent systems are able to continuously learn and identify the telling systems of the disease.



AI will ‘design’ specialised medication in an instant

Increasing advancements in the development of Narrow Artificial Intelligence has allowed these intelligent technologies to revolutionise industries. The impact this has had has been significant throughout the medical industry as explained above, particularly on medical imaging, radiology and scanning, but the technology has far greater potential to achieve a much more comprehensive transformation in healthcare.

Let us look at pharmaceutical supply chains for example. AI solutions could potentially alter the traditional process of designing drugs. Intelligent systems are able to reduce the drug production circle, therefore, helping pharmaceutical companies discover new and more effective drugs without the burdening trials as well as achieving a significant reduction in accumulating costs.

The ‘traditional’ and current drug discovery and production method consists of a ‘trial and error’ process which can take up to 12 years and nearly £1.15 billion to bring a new effective drug to the market. It should also be taken into account that many of these drugs fail the rigorous testing methods which means that there are only very few experimental drugs that ever see the medicine cabinet – a huge inefficiency for the medical industry on precious time and resources which could be used elsewhere for other research areas.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, smart algorithms use the power of intelligent systems to teach themselves (click to see Machine Learning for more info) complex biochemical principals and the factors that are ultimately the most predictive in relation to the effectiveness of a drug. With this technology present, it could transform the way we analyse hundreds of millions of molecules and their interactions, whether it be linear or non-linear, on a simultaneous basis. Companies in the medical sector are continuously implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions to design personalised drugs and treatments faster than any form of traditional healthcare, with the goal of improving the current treatment process and overall quality of life through the discovery of the best possible medication.


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