5 ways Artificial Intelligence can aid in the conservation and protection of our environment

5 ways Artificial Intelligence can aid in the conservation and protection of our environment

There is no denying mother earth is in a continual state of decline due to humanity’s constant contribution to pollution, forest destruction and climate change. Here is how Artificial Intelligence can help.

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Artificial Intelligence Technologies are able to comprehend, reason and learn. Therefore in harmony with humans, AI could become an extremely important ally in the fight to protect our planet. The urgency in becoming a green (environmentally friendly) society has increasingly brought environmental sensing and mapping technologies into effective action. These methods have broadened the varieties and volumes of data collected on the environment.


IBM Green Horizon Researcher, Jin Yan Shao, sadly states how her son becomes extremely happy if he sees a blue sky. Shao believes a sight “so common for previous generations is currently a luxury in many cities”. Situations such as these have led Shao and numerous other scientists, citizen activists and businesses to rapidly join forces in an attempt to protect the planet for generations to come. With an increasing demand to track environmental issues, Artificial Intelligence Technologies can provide assistance in aiding these challenges.



5 ways AI can aid in the conservation and protection of our environment


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1) Improving the preservation of natural resources

It is no secret that humans overuse all the resources provided by the natural world. However, it is also true that technology today is extremely advanced. Therefore by combining the use of satellite imagery, environmental sensors, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, it is possible to reduce water usage throughout operations and precisely locate variables which contribute to better soil health.


2) Increasing availability of sustainable options

The topic of sustainable energy has always been one of much dispute. Whilst, in theory, it would solve an impeccable amount of environmental issues, in practice, there have been a lot more barriers than anticipated. For instance, sustainable energy is essentially the product of power received from the natural world, for example, wind, solar and tidal energy. Image result for technology farming illustrationTherefore the location of these renewable energy sources and the issues with weather forecast accuracy have created a large barrier to the widespread use of ethical power.

However, AI Technology is making sustainable energy easily accessible by providing improved product options for consumers. For example, through the use of progressive weather forecasting models based on machine learning, power companies are making reasonable progress in developing a more precise, computer-powered renewable energy forecast for wind and solar power.

3) Detecting pollution

One of the largest contributions to global warming is pollution. The National Geographic states that within the last 150 years, enough carbon dioxide has been pumped into the atmosphere “to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years”. A system using Artificial Intelligence Technology merged with advanced machine learning and self-organizing mesh networks are enabling establishments to identify causes of pollution – whether it stems from a methane leak or general air pollution, faster and more precisely. A system like this allows for more targeted mitigation actions that are beneficial for both businesses and the environment.


Related image4) Connecting AI with the road

Although technology advancements have been at an all-time high for some time now, AI may hold the key to the next level. If we focus on the automotive industry, we can see how due to smart features, vehicles of the 21st century have become extremely technologically advanced. However, this does not mean they have become more environmentally friendly. In fact, pollution derived from vehicles is among the world’s largest contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the auto industry will allow vehicles to get from A to B more efficiently and at a minimum time frame. Through these SMART systems, there will be a constant reduction of vehicles on the road, and therefore, a decline in carbon emissions.


5) AI and Farming

With a world that is on the brink of overpopulation, there is a sufficient amount of overconsumption. Due to this, there will eventually be a struggle for food production to be on par with high population rates. With the use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, farming methods could become more efficient meaning an increase in production rates and a substantial reduction in wastage without harmfully affecting our environment.


So how is Artificial Intelligence being used to protect our environment?

Various companies have already incorporated different Artificial Intelligence Technologies into their day-to-day practices. Let us look at John Deere’s AutoTrac. It is a system which has been designed to “raise productivity by reducing input costs and boosting efficiency”. AutoTrac is capable of planting crops in a far more precise manner and also reduces overlap in agricultural processes, therefore, far fewer chemicals are exposed to the environment. There has also been a significant increase in sensor and drone usage in agriculture companies. The use of these AI-related technologies could foresee issues from over a year in advance, allowing farmers to react against adverse conditions and avoid wastage.


In a world where technology is extremely advanced, AI systems are a step forward into a greener future. Early problem detection and an increase of supply in a wide spectrum of sustainable energy choices will not only aid the environment but also increase a business’ competitive advantage. Contrary to popular belief, Artificial Intelligence can be applied to a wide range of problems and markets therefore by implementing AI within your business you are placing yourself one step ahead of the game.



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