AI Wales' First Meetup: A Success!

AI Wales’ First Meetup: A Success!

AI Wales’ first event at Tramshed Tech saw over 70 people attend the event. Individuals from an array of employment learned how Artificial intelligence could be implemented to help start-ups, SMEs, employees and their business development.

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AI Wales provided attendees with an in an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its multiple segments in order to build a foundation of knowledge for the upcoming weeks – it’s never too late to come to our events as we always provided an overview of what has been talked about during the last few meetups! After all, the aim of AI Wales is to raise awareness and inform you on how to reach the next level of competence!

Introduction to mainstream AI topics such as self-driving cars, business automation, data analysis, machine learning and biometric identification was covered so that our audience could develop an insight into the direction Artificial Intelligence technologies are heading, and clear up misconceptions commonly held surrounding the topics.


We caught up with Toby White (Artificial Intelligence specialist & Founder of ARTIMUS) during his Q&A. This is what he had to say:

“We were very impressed with the engagement and enthusiasm of our audience. We covered an array of topics throughout this first meetup which aims to provide a solid foundation and direction for future areas. The networking opportunity was very enjoyable, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing new faces in the upcoming weeks (and having more pizza). I would say that this event has been a success and provided everyone with everything we’d hoped for from our first meetup.”


The aim was to involve the audience in contributing towards the shape of AI Wales’ future talks and meetups, so, we encouraged networking amongst ourselves whilst enjoying some pizza and beer on the evening of the event to complement our Q&A with our enthusiastic audience – ultimately, the purpose these talks is to be shaped by the direction of the group so that we can deliver the information our followers want to learn.

Our group’s first talk was delivered by Jaymie Thomas (CTO of Automise), David Pugh (Technology Specialist), and our very own Toby White (Founder at ARTIMUS). If you consider yourself an expert in the AI and emerging technologies field, why not contact us about delivering presentations at our meetups and share your stories and insights with the group? We are looking forward to meeting all of you and making you all aware of the vision we have in shaping Cardiff’s Artificial Intelligence landscape.



ARTIMUS is a Bespoke Solutions company based in the South West region of the UK. They Specialise in Artificial intelligence solutions and pride themselves on being able to provide the best, highest quality development and project management services that you can find on the market.

Their mission statement is to “Focus on innovation: we want to create unique, outstanding technologies that will help us get one step closer to the simplest future possible. We are fully committed to bringing in artificial intelligence and multi-use solutions that work for companies all over the globe.”

To see how ARTIMUS can assist you with any of these services please contact us on +44 7826 852 610 or via email at

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